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• Responsibility to shape the future

• Universality

• Productivity

• Innovativeness

• Ambition to succeed

• Sense of Being Members of the Same Institution

• Philanthropy

• Trust

• Respect

• Love

We Work with Wonderful Staff

What Makes the MBA Schools Academic Staff Wonderful?

They are individuals who:

• have a life philosophy based on love and respect,

• have strong pedagogical background,

• are philanthropic individuals with social awareness,

• are experts and highly experienced in their fields,

• are pioneers as their approaches are based on scientific thinking,

• are individuals with ethical values and strong skills of empathy,

• are ambitious to be successful and productive,

• are open to development and change,

• look at things from a global perspective.

We Create Universal Classroom Environments

Universal education makes it easier to understand the world. In the broadest sense, universal education is one's development at the individual and sensory level. It focuses on the education of the learners both inside and outside the classroom and develops a student-centered approach by incorporating the development of the individual into the curriculum.

Parent Participation is Important for Us

A true, active and consistent interest shown at home by parents in their child’s education ensures better results obtained at school. In order to obtain such effective results, it is necessary:

• to support and encourage children’s education,

• to talk about their education,

• and share education every day.

We support philanthropy through social awareness

Our students will learn through practice the importance of being a person with social conscience, the true meaning of compassion, becoming aware of the general helplessness of the modern world and solving problems. They will discover their social responsibilities by participating in philanthropic activities that serve not only the local communities but also the wider international communities.

“Philanthropy” is our Responsibility for a Better Life

We aim to raise better individuals through better education for a better world.