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Modern science is in every aspect of life. Some people realize it while others consider it as a problem that cannot be solved, and thus cannot actually use the existing knowledge. The reason for this is that one does not know where to use the knowledge learned in school years.

Learning is a natural part of our lives. We have designed creative environments for our students so that they not only have fun but also learn. They spend their time at the school acquiring entertaining information under the guidance of their teachers. Our aim is to ensure that they can use this information in the future when they need it.

There is significant similarity between the concept development process of children and scientists' processes of conducting scientific research. As children attach meaning to beings in their minds, they incorporate their personal explorations as well as their experiences in their daily lives. They classify, group and compare beings in nature.

Thus, they can express the similarities and differences of these beings. In addition to these, they make predictions about natural events and draw conclusions just like scientists do during the process of concept development. That’s why children are referred to as "innate scientists".

We offer them an “entertaining world of science” in science workshops and experiment hours that are fun.