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The use of scientific skills is not limited to natural sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology. Other subject fields such as social sciences, arts and sports are also very important fields that contribute to the development of scientific skills. These skills are needed and used in almost every aspect of daily life. Using scientific skills, either consciously or unconsciously, makes it easier to understand and interpret things encountered in daily life and relate to what’s learnt in class and thus reach scientific literacy.

At our English Medium High School and Science High Schools, we raise quality human resource for our country, who are global citizens equipped with universal virtues.

At the Academy of Sciences, we support our students' scientific awareness and productivity processes through specially tailored STEAM environments, social clubs and events, and participation in national and international competitions and festivals.

Project-based activities, homework policy, participation in national and international competitions and organizations, and career awareness activities are fundamental elements of our high school education policy.