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Hello by the MBA Schools Community

As MBA Schools, we are the Education Group affiliate of "Medicana", the leading institution of the private healthcare sector with 30-years of history and investments all over Turkey.

As a world-class, contemporary, and innovative educational institution, we offer uninterrupted education from preschool to high school with our preschools, primary and secondary schools, and Anatolian and science high schools.

To achieve the objective of reaching the level of a "contemporary civilization" as was pointed out by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our mission is to raise multicultural individuals with strong academic, social, and universal qualities. To this end, our curricula comply with international education standards.

While offering children a safe school life built on solid foundations and values in their lifelong learning journeys, it is also important for us to be companions of parents with our strong teaching staff and guidance practices.

Our Values

  • Love 
  • Confidence
  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Respect
  • Determination to Succeed
  • Responsibility to Shape the Future
  • Philanthropy
  • Universality
  • Sense of Belonging to the Same Institution

PRIMARY SCHOOLDifferentiated Learning Model   

The curriculum we follow at our school is prepared according to the "Differentiated Learning Model". The differentiated learning methods and techniques applied in this model aim that every student learns topics according to their characteristics. The goal is to ensure that students have access to information, learn to learn, gain thinking skills, and acquire strong communication competencies. We also work towards raising productive individuals who can improve their life skills, think from different perspectives, are curious, inquire, research, read and have an entrepreneurial spirit. We work towards helping students reach the top of their capabilities. To achieve this goal, we implement a structured curriculum following the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the general objectives of the Turkish National Education System without compromising ethical principles and academic standards.

Primary Years Program (PYP) Based Education   

At the primary school level, we follow the “Primary Years Program” (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Our PYP-based curriculum, focusing on students’ development between the ages of 3-12 as inquiring individuals in the classroom and the outside world, aims to raise inquiring, knowledgeable, and sensitive young people who want to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

We believe that learning takes place best when the learner is connected to the real world around them and through the exploration of topics of interest. To achieve this, we provide students with engaging, relevant, and thought-provoking learning experiences in vibrant and stimulating learning environments.

Reading Child and Analytical Thinking Skills

Reading is the basis of our primary school journey. We aim to strengthen students' reading, comprehension, listening, interpretation, and inference skills. Powered by learning to read correctly, this does not only offer guidance in Turkish lessons but also other subjects such as Mathematics, Science of Life, Science and Social Studies. It is important for us that students develop analytical and mathematical thinking skills, gain experience in transferring what they learn in classes to daily life, conduct scientific research, use resources effectively and correctly, and learn the physical, cultural, and historical characteristics of our country and our world.

Bilingual Education Approach

The "Bilingual Education Program" implemented at our schools is prepared considering age development, cognitive development, and readiness level of children. Thanks to this program, we ensure that students acquire academic and social gains both in the mother tongue and in the target language naturally, free from memorization, by doing and experiencing in experimental and communicative learning environments.

In addition to the English classes at the primary school level, we also offer Mathematics, Science of Life, and Science classes in English. Form teachers and English teachers work together to cover the topics in Mathematics, Science of Life, and Science curricula in both Turkish and English. Language processes are further reinforced by teaching experiment topics in Science of Life and Science classes in English in a laboratory environment.

PRIMARY SCHOOLStudent Talent Program

Developed and managed with the support of Istanbul University, the "Talent Program" is implemented to discover the strengths of students and to further strengthen these by supporting them.

Students are meticulously observed by form and subject teachers on our campuses for four weeks. Observation forms prepared specifically for each student are evaluated by staff and academic coordinators. Students are then directed to “Skill and Talent Workshops” prepared by the MBA Schools Academy according to their areas of interest and talent.


  • Science for Fun Workshop
  • Curious Sagacious Workshop


  • Read-Understand-Write Workshop
  • Creative Writing through Creative Drama


  • Awareness-Life Skills
  • Values through Drama


  • Making Thinking Visible
  • Mathematics for Fun
  • Cartoon
  • Origami
  • Piano
  • Gymnastics


  • English Fun Club
  • English Drama
  • German/Spanish

Specialization and Learning to Play an Instrument in Music Classes

At MBA Schools, we aim for each of our students to learn to play at least one instrument in music classes, starting from the 3rd grade of primary school.

PRIMARY SCHOOLEcology and Natural Life

According to scientists, there is a strong connection between our mental, physical and spiritual health and our relationship with nature. Based on this point of view, we know that our children need contact with nature as much as they need healthy nutrition and adequate sleep.

 We also provide students with a love of nature and animals through the ecology lessons in the primary school curriculum; we teach natural life, proper and balanced nutrition, and being sensitive to the environment and our world.

Through the areas created in our schools’ facilities, we aim to raise awareness about the methods used in agriculture and agricultural technologies by introducing sustainable and renewable energy resources and different production techniques.

Guidance Counseling Unit

The Guidance Counseling Unit at our campuses acts as a bridge for cooperation between the school and the family. The work of our unit aims to raise students as fully equipped, sensitive, self-aware, conscious, healthy, happy, and strong individuals for society.

Communication, Monitoring and Guidance

Constant communication with parents is very important for us. Information about student progress is shared with parents on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis as determined. This communication is reinforced through regular meetings and individual meetings held by form teachers and guidance counselors. By establishing a strong communication bridge between the family and the school, we monitor the achievements of students and share information with parents under the leadership of our guidance counseling unit.


Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack lists are prepared taking into account developmental characteristics of children and under the guidance of a professional nutritionist. The objective is to help children develop healthy nutrition and eating habits by experiencing them personally.


Healthcare services at our schools are provided by the Healthcare Cabinet of Medicana, the leading healthcare organization of the private healthcare sector, of which we are an affiliate. School nurses work 24/7 offering healthcare services also at weekends. We meticulously check children’s health forms collected at the beginning of the year and monitor the special circumstances of children in need. In case of any health problems, we inform parents after the first intervention. We do not give any medication or take the child to any healthcare institutions without the consent of parents.

 *Parents who are members of the MBA Schools Community are entitled to a discount at Medicana Hospitals.

PRIMARY SCHOOLSchool Buses and Security

Parents who wish to do so can make use of the services of school buses with hostesses on board. Children pickup and drop-off processes are monitored meticulously. Parents of children who do not come to school until the specified hour are given a call to get relevant information.

Our school is our safe space with our security units and camera control systems available 24/7. Children cannot leave school premises without their parents. We do not hand over children to anybody without the consent of their parents.