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Hello from MBA Schools

As MBA Schools, we are the Education Group affiliate of "Medicana", the leading institution of the private healthcare sector with 30-years of history and investments all over Turkey.

As a world-class, contemporary and innovative educational institution, we offer uninterrupted education from preschool to high school with our preschools, primary and secondary schools and Anatolian and science high schools.

To achieve the objective of reaching the level of a "contemporary civilization" as was pointed out by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our mission is to raise multicultural individuals with strong academic, social and universal qualities. To this end, our curricula comply with international education standards.

While offering children a safe school life built on solid foundations and values in their lifelong learning journeys, it is also important for us to be companions of parents with our strong teaching staff and guidance practices.

Our Values

  • Love 
  • Confidence
  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Respect
  • Determination to Succeed
  • Responsibility to Shape the Future
  • Philanthropy
  • Universality
  • Sense of Belonging to the Same Institution

PRE-SCHOOLOur Education Philosophy

The preschool education model is built on PYP (Primary Years Program) in line with the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the general objectives of the Turkish national education system. The eclectic education model, which is a synthesis of different educational theories and approaches proven to be correct and applicable all over the world, offers children an environment in which their sense of curiosity is further advanced and they can perform multilateral inquiries.

We know that the steps taken during the preschool years, the very first step in children's learning journey, are extremely important also in shaping the future. For this reason, our curriculum offers a learning environment built on love, trust, happiness and sharing. In line with this approach:

  • We love our children very much and we are happy to be with them.
  • We listen to our children and support them to express themselves freely.
  • We never forget that every child is unique. We take individual differences into account and closely monitor children as they go through different phases of development. We strive to discover their special talents.
  • While solving their problems, we focus on finding solutions to the problems children encounter.
  • We do not forget that they are children, but that they are also preparing for life.

Teaching Staff

Offering children an equal and consistent learning environment while setting a role model for them, our teaching staff include experienced classroom teachers, teachers responsible for self-care and subject teachers focusing on children’s social and cultural development.

  • Classroom teachers in charge of academic education hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from prominent universities of Turkey.
  • Teachers in charge of self-care are graduates of two-year vocational schools or hold a degree in child development.
  • Offering programs that meet children’s developmental needs at preschool level, subject teachers focus on their multilateral development.

PRE-SCHOOLLearning Environments

It is important for us to cover topics by involving as many senses as possible. That’s why we offer children an environment that translates our educational approach into practice without any interruption in daily life and that reinforces learning. Children spend their days in safe and well-organized classrooms, gardens and common areas, that not only arouse curiosity leading to discovery but also help them socialize. Smart boards in classrooms offer teachers the possibility to make effective use of digital platforms.

Supporting Developmental Areas

We take as a whole children’s cognitive, social and emotional, motor, language and self-care development. Our objective is to educate the whole person based on the 3M (Curriculum, Method, Material-Turkish equivalents of these words start with M) principle. Our Learning Academies are developed according to the needs of every age group in line with the 3M model.

Academy of Sciences › We lay the foundation for children to use the knowledge they have acquired in the future when they need it.

Academy of Discoveries › We instill the love of nature and the awareness of leaving a livable world to the future.

Academy of Languages › We offer bilingual education.

Academy of Games › We teach through games ensuring multilateral development through games.

Academy of Values › We raise children who know the values of their own culture and are familiar with the values of different cultures.

PRE-SCHOOLWorkshops for Social and Cultural Development

 The curriculum includes visual arts, music, drama, dance, physical education, coding and extracurricular activity hours to help children develop from a social and cultural point of view. Lessons are conducted as workshops using subject-specific materials. We carefully plan and implement Fun Science Activities called GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science).

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

In preschool years when children's creativity levels are extremely high, we also use the STEAM model, which is one of the important approaches that support development. Thus, we encourage children to solve real life problems naturally by making use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, and support their creative thinking and points of view.

Children Moving to an Upper Year in/from the Preschool at MBA Schools:

  • Acquire 300-400 English thematic vocabulary suitable for their age level.
  • Can learn and use more than 150 everyday language commands, sentences and questions in English.
  • Know his own culture and values at a basic level.
  • Recognize different cultures with their distinctive features.
  • Can produce simple STEAM-based projects and present the projects they produce.
  • Can design products based on imagination and creativity.
  • Can create original works with various art materials.
  • Acquire basic level literacy.
  • Develop the habit of reading books.


As MBA Schools, we work, produce, play and learn with “Reception (5-Year Olds)” and “Nursery (4-Year Olds)” groups throughout the course of preschool years.

Children and Us During the Orientation Program

Children are invited to school by setting an individual appointment before the orientation program starts. After meeting their teachers, children go on a school tour to get to know classrooms, garden, playground and common areas. The guidance counselling unit provides individual support to children and gives feedback to parents. Through our specially designed orientation programs, we facilitate children’s adaptation to our school.

A Day at Our School

We start the day with a heartfelt good morning, a warm welcome followed by a healthy breakfast. After the morning sports, children spend the whole day attending academies, workshops, STEAM trainings and English classes in line with the curriculum. Reading hours and play activities in the garden are indispensable parts of our daily routine. Organizing field trips reinforcing the topics taught is also important. Drama groups are invited on a regular basis to ensure that children watch plays suitable for their age.

In addition to regular teaching hours, there are always teachers available before and after usual start/finish hours to support working parents.

Communication, Monitoring and Guidance Counselling

As we attach great importance to regular communication with parents, we provide information every day via the K12 platform. This communication is reinforced through regular meetings and one-on-one meetings held by classroom teachers and the guidance counselling unit. By establishing strong communication between parents and the school, we monitor what children have acquired and share this information with parents under the leadership of the guidance counselling unit.


Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack lists are prepared taking into account developmental characteristics of children and under the guidance of a professional nutritionist. The objective is to help children develop healthy nutrition and eating habits by experiencing them personally. Our English teachers take an active role in this process and children learn a new language in the natural flow of daily life.


Healthcare services at our schools are provided by the Healthcare Cabinet of Medicana, the leading healthcare organization of the private healthcare sector, of which we are an affiliate. School nurses work 24/7 offering healthcare services also at weekends. We meticulously check children’s health forms collected at the beginning of the year and monitor the special circumstances of children in need. In case of any health problems, we inform parents after the first intervention. We do not give any medication or take the child to any healthcare institutions without the consent of parents.

 *Parents who are members of the MBA Schools Community are entitled to a discount at Medicana Hospitals.

School Bus and Security

Parents who wish to do so can make use of the services of school buses with hostesses on board. Children pickup and drop-off processes are monitored meticulously. Parents of children who do not come to school until the specified hour are given a call to get relevant information.

Our school is our safe space with our security units and camera control systems available 24/7. Children cannot leave school premises without their parents. We do not hand over children to anybody without the consent of their parents.