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Our Approach to Education

In the preparatory classes of our Anatolian and Science High Schools, the aim is to ensure that students have access to information, learn to learn, acquire thinking skills and strong communication competencies. We also work towards raising productive individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who can develop their life skills, approach to issues from different perspectives, are curious, inquire, conduct research, read, have good command of their mother tongue, have acquired a foreign language, follow technological and scientific developments and know their individual and social responsibilities. Participation in exchange programs in international projects is encouraged to support students to experience different cultures.

HIGH SCHOOLWe work towards helping students reach the top of their capabilities. Our objective is to ensure that students express themselves on national and international platforms in cognitive, mental, and social fields and have a universal perspective. To achieve this goal, we implement a structured curriculum following the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the general objectives of the Turkish National Education System without compromising ethical principles and academic standards.

In our science high schools, we raise students who would like to produce knowledge in the field of science and technology and give them the opportunity to carry out scientific activities in our physics, chemistry, biology, and IT laboratories equipped with up-to-date technology. We support the participation of our students, for whom we provide a strong background in robotics, coding, informatics, and computer science, in events and competitions held at the national and international level and prepare comprehensive projects for this purpose.

Foreign Language Education

The comprehensive English education program that students are offered allows them to follow international developments in liberal arts, browse the literature and participate in international platforms. Practicing English with teachers whose native language is English also gives students the opportunity to have a good command of the language and culture. Students also acquire a good level of German as a second foreign language in our high schools.

Education is also supported through international certificates. It is important for us that students receive international certificates such as FCE, IELTS, and TOEFL for English. B1 level of proficiency is targeted for "FIT 1" and "FIT 2" for German. 

Higher Education Counseling

HIGH SCHOOLHigher Education Counseling for Turkish Universities

In our Anatolian and Science High Schools, our aim is to help students enter the universities they target and develop the academic skills necessary to be successful at university.

This process, beginning in the 10th grade with helping students choose the right track, is reinforced through our intensive university preparation programs in the 11th grade. Our university preparation program, supported by practice exams, studies, one-on-one question-solving hours, applications that develop test-solving techniques, and our rich publication range, continues until the 12th grade students are placed in the universities they target.

Starting from the 11th grade, we give support to students and parents for the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) throughout the whole process with our specialized Guidance Counseling Unit. By organizing individual interviews with students and parents who have academic achievement problems, we offer preventive and analytical assistance to our students for any study habits problems and other problems. We also make sure that teachers receive up-to-date information about the YKS system on a regular basis.

We organize “Career Days” so that students get detailed information about the professions that are promising and that they are interested in.

Overseas College Counseling

The overseas college counseling unit provides information about countries, schools and programs and facilitates the application processes for students and their parents who plan to continue their higher education abroad.

We offer guidance counseling services in areas such as essay writing, CV preparation, or filling out application forms so that students can prepare the necessary files and complete the application processes without any problems.

“Advanced Placement” (AP) Program

The MBA Schools are accredited by the American College Board for the international AP Program implemented in our Anatolian and Science High Schools. Thus, we offer university admission, course accreditation, and scholarship opportunities abroad in more than 60 countries, especially in the United States. Leading universities in Turkey such as Sabancı, Koç, and Özyeğin offer opportunities such as exemption from the courses taken in high school, credit completion, and scholarships.

“Scholastic Aptitude Test” (SAT) Program

For students who would like to study abroad, we offer the internationally recognized SAT program. Studying for the SAT, which is an internationally recognized Educational Aptitude Test and a university entrance exam, starts at 10th grade.

HIGH SCHOOL“Community Involvement Program” (CIP) Program

The aim is to provide students with a sense of social responsibility theoretically and practically through the Community Service Program known as CIP. In our Anatolian and Science High Schools, our students, who get the opportunity to do at least 75 hours of social service throughout their high school education, also gain a significant advantage for domestic and international university admissions. The projects of our students who document their works and present them as portfolios are assessed by the school and relevant non-governmental organization. Students are given support in the implementation and documentation of the project.


HIGH SCHOOLFinancial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

It is a program followed to educate innovative and entrepreneurial individuals and to increase the innovative competencies of our students. Within the scope of the program, we organize events and implement projects to develop students' basic business, financial management, and organization skills starting from the 9th grade and the academic content offered helps them prepare for the world of the future in an agile manner.

Information Technologies and Software

To adapt to the rapidly developing technology and to find innovative solutions to the problems they encounter, we develop academic content and supporting projects such as creativity, innovation, algorithmic thinking, and entrepreneurship, and aim that they complete certificate programs accredited by Microsoft.

MBA Sociable Talks

We organize a unique event that introduces the projects of our creative young people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Known as the MBA Sociable Talks, this event gives students the opportunity to meet people from the business world and it also contributes to acquiring entrepreneurial culture, attitudes, and skills and take initiatives.

HIGH SCHOOLStudent Senate

Established according to the results of democratic elections, the MBA Schools Student Senate includes all students in the decision-making processes of the schools through its commissions. Giving our students the opportunity to manage their projects and the ability to express themselves correctly, this organization also acts as a bridge between students and units such as school administration and Parent-Teacher Association.


Clubs offered at the Anatolian and Science High Schools give students the opportunity to come together for a common purpose and produce through science, art, and sports workshops.

Science and Technology Clubs (2 periods)

  • Astronomy
  • Mind Games and Thinking Skills
  • IT-Coding
  • Environmental Health
  • Orienteering
  • Ted x Talk
  • Science and Project
  • Modeling
  • Mathematics
  • IT
  • MBA Aviation
  • Chemistry Club
  • Biotechnology
  • Protecting Natural Life
  • Energy Club
  • Technology Design

Art-Culture Clubs (2 periods)

  • MUN
  • Destination Imagination
  • Debate
  • Theatre
  • Folk Dance
  • Stage and Performing Arts
  • Chess
  • Tile-Ceramics
  • Stone Painting
  • Marbling
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Orchestra (wind instruments)
  • Orchestra (percussion instruments)
  • Bağlama (An instrument with 3 double strings)
  • Fashion Design
  • Photography

Sports Academy (2 periods)

  • Badminton
  • Ballet
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Futsal
  • Aikido
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Modern Dance
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Pilates
  • Orienteering


Testing and Assessment

We determine to what extent the subjects covered on the dates specified in the academic calendar are learned by students. The Testing and Assessment Unit, collaborating with the exams committee, prepares a student-specific exams assessment report and make plans to make up for the underperformed areas. All of our schools in Turkey set the same exam on the same day and at the same time. We announce the results of the exam on the same day of the exam through the K-12 system. We also share the testing and assessment results, which include various analyzes about students’ level and progress, as well as information about the underperformed areas.

HIGH SCHOOLGuidance Counseling

The Guidance Counseling Units at our campuses act as a bridge for cooperation between the school and the family. The activities carried out by the unit aims to raise students as fully equipped, sensitive, self-aware, conscious, healthy, happy, and strong individuals for society. The unit provides comprehensive service through student-parent-teacher meetings, seminars, in-class guidance counseling activities, guides, study programs, guidance counseling meetings, university trips, test and inventory studies, counseling for the list of university preferences, parent meetings, values ??education, and feedback on exams.


The lunch menu, optional for high school students, is prepared taking into account developmental characteristics of children and under the guidance of a professional nutritionist. Those students who wish to do so can also use the services of the school canteen.


Healthcare services at our schools are provided by the Healthcare Cabinet of Medicana, the leading healthcare organization of the private healthcare sector, of which we are an affiliate. School nurses work 24/7 offering healthcare services also at weekends. We meticulously check children’s health forms collected at the beginning of the year and monitor the special circumstances of children in need. In case of any health problems, we inform parents after the first intervention. We do not give any medication or take the child to any healthcare institutions without the consent of parents.

 *Parents who are members of the MBA Schools Community are entitled to a discount at Medicana Hospitals.

HIGH SCHOOLSchool Buses and Security

Parents who wish to do so can make use of the services of school buses with hostesses on board. Children pickup and drop-off processes are monitored meticulously. Parents of children who do not come to school until the specified hour are given a call to get relevant information. Our school is our safe space with our security units and camera control systems available 24/7.