Koronavirüs (Covid 19) Süreci Yol Haritası


We take education seriously and do not consider it only as a “business”. We work towards aiming to raise students as individuals who are aware of what they can achieve and who can materialize them by taking into account their special talents and ways of learning. We concentrate on different types of intelligence and learning talents and levels of development in learning. None of the students are left behind in our schools.

We educate the whole person. We take education and learning as a whole. While raising individuals who will stand out with their qualifications, we get to know them well, thus guide them in the right direction and work as private school staff who are fully aware of the responsibility of shaping the future. Multilateral development of individuals is at the heart of our approach to education.

The whole school life is structured concentrating on the three core responsibilities of education: academic success, developing social skills and a healthy psychological development.

Our roadmap is being scientific and our know-how and experience. We believe that knowledge could be internalized, used and applied. Believing that curiosity supports inquiry and learning, we take into account students’ curiosity from the very first day that they start at our school and keep the curiosity alive within the education system to support their learning further.

We believe that social sensitivity adds meaning to life, that’s why “philanthropy” is on our core values list.

As educators who are aware of how multiculturalism contributes to the world, we incorporate international programs into our education system so that children are aware of cultural differences and can adapt to them.

We support children in developing problem-solving skills as they learn experiencing, experimenting and applying. The learning system is designed based on science and an interdisciplinary approach.

We provide guidance to all stakeholders in the trilateral partnership of parents, students and school through common sense and participatory processes.

Together with the support of parents, we offer services in a living school where there is/are:

• a strong curriculum and foreign language program incorporating not only national values and requirements but also universal aspects,

environments and contemporary methods that ensure efficient learning taking individual differences into account,

experienced academic staff committed to continuous learning,

• a monitoring and development system based on effective testing and assessment,

• an inquiry-based and reinforcing homework approach that encourages self-discipline and taking the responsibility of learning.

We offer a school climate where individuals who are ready to meet all of the challenges of the present and the future will be raised.

With high standards set, our journey will continue as an education brand that is authentic, innovative, able to manage change, is a leader for its staff and a guide for its students and parents in the light of the common principles and values adopted attaching importance to equality in education.