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A Dream of 26 Years is Became Real …

The strength to realize our dream of giving support to the education of our country’s children and youth comes from twenty-five years long history of service and being one of the strongest brands in Turkey with thousands of staff. We have realized our dream and started to offer education services under the roof of the MEDICANA Education Group.

As MEDICANA, we have more than twenty-five years of experience in healthcare. As you all know, “healthcare and education” are the most fundamental and priority issues for a society. Serving our country in these two crucial areas under the roof of the MEDICANA brand makes us very happy today.

The innovative structure that we have been dreaming of in the field of education as the MEDICANA Education Group to offer services throughout Turkey has become real by establishing schools from preschool to university. We have come closer to realizing this objective in years and found the opportunity to realize this dream this year.

Our objective is to become the most prestigious educational institution within private schools in Turkey with the MBA Schools. We offer services with our strong faculty in the fields of science, technology, art and sports that young generations need for their future achievements.

In order to achieve this objective, we, as the MEDICANA Education Group, have developed not only a strong corporate identity but also a high brand value supported by a sound financial structure and high quality and expert human resource. The MEDICANA quality will be available not only in all levels of education in Turkey but will also cross borders as international schools opened in other countries will follow.

Our objective is to raise “happy” and “independent” individuals who are acknowledged in national and international world of education, who meet global standards, follow innovations closely and pioneer and who develop themselves and the society. It is also our principle to offer all of our students and parents high quality, multilateral, rich and permanent education services in order to prepare new generations for the future taking into account their individual differences, talents, interests and skills. We will continue to offer an education system giving new generations the opportunity to develop love, respect, trust, ambition to be successful, responsibility to shape the future and possess social values and principles.

We are very excited with the things we have achieved to date. I would like to underline, in particular, that what motivates us is to serve our country. With all these feelings and thoughts, we will be happy to see you under the roof of the MBA Schools which will become the new value in education.

With Love,

Dr. Hüseyin Bozkurt

Medicana Education Group Board Chair
Fenerbahçe University  Chairman of The Board of Trustees