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Our Passion; “to raise well-educated and kind-hearted youth”

As the MBA Schools that bring a new breath to the Turkish education system, we are a big family that aims to raise better people through better education for a better world. While accompanying our children on their journey from preschool to high school, ensuring their multilateral development is the focus of our understanding of education.

Through universal education, we support our children in understanding the world better and contribute to their personal and emotional development. While universal education makes it easier to understand the world, it is a model that provides the individual and sensory development of a person. This model helps us move forward with a student-centered approach by focusing on the education of the student in and out of the classroom and including his development in the education program.

Our main principle is to provide a high-quality, versatile, rich, and permanent education service to all our students and parents to prepare our new generations for the future taking into account their differences, talents, interests, and skills. To this end, we work together with strong staff in the fields of science, technology, art, and sports that our young generations need in our schools.

Education and learning of a child should be considered as a whole and we approach it in the light of this view. While raising individuals who will stand out with their qualities, we get to know them well, can guide them correctly, and serve with an understanding that has the responsibility of preparing them for tomorrow.

Through the education program that we offer as MBA Schools, we move towards achieving the objective of reaching the level of a "contemporary civilization" as was pointed out by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our mission is to raise multicultural individuals with strong academic and social qualities.

In the lifelong learning journey, we guide our children by offering them the opportunity of safe school life based on solid foundations and values as well as families with our expert staff who have adopted education as a philosophy of life. Our main goal is to be an educational institution, with campuses all over the country, that inspires Turkey and the world with the same excitement and enthusiasm in this beautiful journey that started in 2018.

Our passion is to add value to our future by raising well-educated and kind-hearted young people. Success is essential for us. We are raising individuals who read a lot, have high awareness, know a foreign language well, are acquainted with at least one instrument, have an interest in a field of art and sports, have acquired local values, and are open to the world. Welcome to our big family, which prepares the future starting from today without giving up on the basic principles of education in the light of this perspective…

Sezgin SUNAY

MBA Schools Founder’s Representative and General Manager