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Distinguished Parents,


Based on our vision to become the leading educational institution in Turkey, we as the MEDICANA MBA Schools are proud to have become part of Turkey’s vision for 2023 and beyond as of Academic Year 2018 – 2019.

We know very well what needs to be done in education to develop our students’ individual learning skills and thus make them both happy and successful in our schools that will offer services at all age levels. Our education system that places students in the heart of everything done encourages them to participate, gain self-confidence, be ambitious and success-oriented. This is because students are our first priority. We are aware that the support and monitoring that we are going to provide as their educators will offer them superiority in many areas in the future. It is very important to offer various opportunities to students at our schools and work in harmony with our valuable parents who support their children at all times. This approach carries us all and most importantly our children to the top levels that we would like to reach at.

We believe that each and every child is unique and special. That’s why it is an indispensable principle for the MBA Schools to understand each and every child and create opportunities for them for self-discovery. For this reason, we assess the whole process to develop further their learning throughout the journey, analyze the output meticulously, give all the individual support necessary and never let any of our students to stay behind or out of the system.

Our successful and experienced teachers and managers focus on individual characteristics of our students in order to provide an effective and lasting education and learning in the light of Ataturks principles and reforms and work in collaboration with students and their parents throughout the education process.

Our corporate strength and power, academic, scientific, sportive, artistic, cultural and open to development corporate culture closely support all the educational opportunities that we are going to offer to our students. The most important issue is to ensure that our students acquire the ability of “being the leader of their own lives”. They are embraced every day with the shiny and bright face of science and values education. Our goal is to help them gain conscience so that they can use what they learn and acquire for their own benefit and for the benefit of society.

In an educational environment enriched with the dynamics of the time they live in, they walk towards their future ages motivated by philanthropy, hand in hand with the society and aware of their responsibilities to the society.

Our school campuses, equipped with the latest technologies that are a must of the age that they live in, offer all the facilities to our students with a view to offer the opportunity to produce, create and use. Our primary goal is to ensure that they are all happier individuals with all the knowledge, skills and personality traits they acquire in their schools. It is our most important priority to prepare our students for a constantly changing world and foresee all of their needs.

To be able to see our students as successful adults in the future, it is one of the things that we care most about to ensure that they are ready to live in a courtesy culture, to develop their way of thinking and talents in ever-changing life conditions, and to ensure that they become individuals who embrace all differences and respect others thoughts.

We truly believe in our students’ talents, personalities and differences as learning individuals and care about the intellectual accumulation, physical, emotional and psychological development, and the formation of ethical values of each and every student.

This new beginning is exciting and pleasing for all of us. Fenerbahçe University is the second step that we took in our journey to become the new value of education as the MEDICANA Education Group. Our campus in Ataşehir welcomed its first students in the Academic Year 2019-2020. We will continue to work towards becoming one of the leading universities of Turkey. 

We are very happy to be with you in the education journey that we have set off under the leadership of high quality service understanding of MEDICANA, one of the strongest ad most valuable brands of Turkey.   

We are very happy to be with all of you in the MBA Schools journey that we embarked on under the pioneership of MEDICANA, one of the strongest and most valuable brands in its field.

With Love and Respect,

Okan Dilik

MBA Schools General Manager

Medicana Education Group - CEO
Fenerbahçe University  Member of The Board of Trustees