Camlica Campus has opened its doors to the students MBA Schools is growing through firm steps. Following Ankara Eryaman and Istanbul Beylikduzu, Camlica Campus has opened its doors to the students. MBA Schools continue advancing in education. Camlica Campus opened for service this year, offers non-stop education in world stand- ards from the age four until the end of the high school. Planned as a base for education, Camlica Campus accommodates many opportu- nities from conference halls to laboratories, from indoor and outdoor sports facilities to special design skill workshops and from libraries to foreign language classes. Bilingual education At Camlica Campus the students take English classes starting from the pre-school. Having a profound Turkish and English infrastructure, the students continue their education bilingually. Within this framework, all scientific classes and laboratory classes are taught in English start- ing from the 5 th grade. The second foreign language, which is German, is given great importance, as well. A world school The Anatolian and Science High Schools have an English preparato- ry class, as well. The Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Laborato- ry classes are all taught in English as of the 9 th grade. The students receive an excellent education of English in order to allow them to follow the international scientific developments in the field of basic sciences, engineering and medicine as well as to enable them to com- municate with students all over the world to develop various projects in cooperation. In addition to the exchange programs offered to the students, the foreign education consultants working at MBA Schools inform the students and their parents about the universities of the world to make effort together for them to make the best choice. Discovery of Talents There is a new system developed at Camlica Campus in order to dis- cover the talents of the students. Within this framework, the talents of the students are discovered through a protocol conducted with the General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet to ensure that they are guided to the right fields. In the same context, the students with supe- rior potential are identified through Student Talent Program developed by the Psychological Consultancy and Counseling Service, who are guided into the suitable skill workshops. Food and Health The nutrition of the students on campus is of utmost importance. We make sure that the students receive a healthy nutrition through the menus prepared under supervision of expert dieticians and food engi- neers, taking into account the developmental features of each group of age. Healthcare personnel is always available on campus; they follow the medical conditions of the students meticulously. 5