Greetings from MBA Schools, Having set off on its journey of education with remarkable steps last year, Medicana Education Group successfully achieves its educational vision of Great Turkey it has undertaken, step-by-step. Camlica Campus is open now! Following the campuses of Ankara Eryaman and İstanbul Beylikduzu, we take great pride in putting our Istanbul Camlica campus into ser- vice this year. Offering education in all grades from pre-school to high school, Camlica MBA School continues its hard work to make a re- markable contribution in Turkish National Education. Having stepped into the world of education by a BILINGUAL education system in pre- school and primary school, our school has been acknowledged in a short amount of time and ensured satisfaction of the parents with an accomplished staff of instructors. We wish success to the new link of our chain of education. Fenerbahçe University is now operating… Medicana Education Group has taken an important step in the field of education this year, leaning on the quality assurance of Medicana Health Group of 30 years. Having put Fenerbahçe University into service this year, Medicana Education Group established a qualified university for higher education of our country in cooperation with the Fenerbahçe Sport Club, and has started to raise the competent young of the future. Through 5 faculties and 19 programs, our university contin- ues its educational activities with a skilled academic staff and a great motivation in order to contribute to the qualified human resources of our country. Our students who came to our university from all over Turkey have started building the infrastructure of an accomplished future they have dreamt for themselves. Taking a great responsibili- ty in transfer of knowledge, production of knowledge and sharing of knowledge, which are all required the most for our country, FBU will continue to serve to the field of education and our country with new faculty and departments to be established. From Pre-school to University… Medicana Education Group that operates with a vision for our country to raise confident generations that research, question, think and pro- duce, which is the greatest necessity in the broadest sense, will con- Taking firm steps... tinue to work non-stop to serve for the same goal. We move forward acknowledging the great responsibilities we undertake in every stage of the long process of education continuing from pre-school to university. We make great contributions through huge investments in every level of education. We support development of our country through invest- ments of this content both domestic and foreign. We not only offer solutions to the concerns of the young for the future but also provide employment to many valuable instructors and academicians through our investments in two important fields, which are health and educa- tion, in these hard times that we are recently going through. Education is a national issue! Having started our journey with the slogan of “Educating the whole person”, our education group has taken its place in serving to the peo- ple of this country in every level of Turkish National Education. Our sole notion for this long-termed process is to provide a high quality service to our country and the people, which they deserve. It is one of the most important virtues of human life to continue learning at any age. Medicana Education Group considers it a very serious job to carry out such divine responsibility duly. In fact, education is more than a responsibility for us, it is a national issue. It is also another source of motivation, which pleases our group that this important mission we have undertaken coincides with the time when we are getting close to celebrating 100 th year of the Republic. Happy Republic Day! We hereby commemorate and express our gratitude to our great leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal and his fellow soldiers in this 96 th year when we acknowledge the pride of our Republic. This young republic expects us to be profound in scientific knowledge, a pioneer in technology and science, superior in wisdom, a leader in peace and an example of hu- manity. Sincere regards … Okan Dilik MEDICANA Education Group CEO MBA Schools General Manager and MBA Schools Founder’s Representative 3