Teacher Development Academy MBA Schools pays special attention to the training and improvement of the instructors as well. The Teacher Development Academy at the school enables the teachers to be more competent through events, seminars and classes. T he world is going through a great and important change in the field of education in the recent years. In a world where the information is produced and consumed rapidly, the ed- ucational institutions and teachers cannot be left out the process considering the inevitability of constant change and development. The social structure and trends have an impact on the expecta- tions from the teachers, as well. Therefore, they must acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors required to fulfill the roles re- quired by new expectations. It is inevitable to inform the teachers on the changing and developing perception of education as well as to train them in order to ensure their adaptation to these develop- ments efficiently and effectively. The purpose of the Academy The purpose of the in-service training programs of MBA Teacher Development Academy can be summarized as follows: Education in world standards Educational activities are processes that develop in a planned manner. The teachers play the most important role in regulation of these activities. To increase the quality of the education, the qual- ifications of the teachers must be improved, as well. Teachers are the keystones of education. MBA Teacher Development Academy increases the overall quality of MBA Schools through training of the teachers and ensures that the education provided is of world standards. 1 . To develop the quality of education and to increase efficiency. 2 . To contribute in professional development of the instructors. 3 . To inform the teachers on the new and updated educa- tion programs and to have them discuss the contents. 4 . To have the teachers share knowledge and experience regarding the methods and techniques, applied in the courses, the materials used for education and the measuring and evaluation criteria. 5 . To identify the problems faced during the education process and to develop solutions to these problems. 6 . To evaluate the education process systematically and establish a basis for preliminary preparations for the following year. 7 . To share good practices in educational applications and to develop original practices. 8 . To help the teachers prepare, develop and share visual and written educational materials and contents regard- ing achievements from the courses. 9 . To contribute in personal improvement of the teachers. 29