The greatest power: Imagination “Destination Imagination” is a project-based learning program where the education of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) is blended with social entrepreneurship. Participated by many schools from Turkey, the program aims to create learning envi- ronments where the students achieve their dreams. With Destination Imagination, the students acquire 21st century skills such as creative and critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving, risk taking, project management, patience and confidence. Team Work Teams are organized at each school within the scope of the Desti- nation Imagination, which is the largest creative thinking, teamwork and problem solving organization in the World. The teams are com- prised of 2 members the least and 7 members the most. The teams MBA Schools has joined in “Destination Imagination” program. MBA students stimulate their imagination and try to find ways to realize their dreams. are assigned missions in the fields of “technique”, “scientific”, “en- gineering”, “fine arts”, “improvisation” or “social responsibility” and prepare for the finals in this context. The national finals are held in February in each country, and the winning teams are qualified to join to the international finals. Courage and confidence The students stimulate their imagination and try to find ways to realize their dreams in the Destination Imagination Club in MBA Schools. The students find harmony in differences through teamwork, learn to use the time efficiently, make their own way by showing the courage to think differently and unearth their potentials by getting to know themselves. 25