The academic year started at Fenerbahçe University Cofounded by the Medicana Education Group, Fenerbahçe University opened its doors for the first time during this academic year. Prof. Dr. M. Emin Arat, the rector of the university, told about the university and the perception of education at the university in his article he penned for Aktif, the MBA Schools’ magazine. T he main mission of Fenerbahçe University is to raise the lead- ers and entrepreneurs of the future who are competitive, self confident, intellectually deep, motivated by success, and who are able to produce by integrating scientific studies and research with innovative thoughts. Aiming for excellence, we set off on our journey on 2019-2020 Academic Year to provide education for our youth at the university level in a student-centred education environment and with our professionally competent staff. The goal is being a global university We have completed our preparations to raise our students at FBU as individuals who have a profound knowledge of the world languages and are equipped with skills of analytical thinking, identifying and solving problems, as well as to ensure that they find themselves in an innovative educational environment open to creative thinking and focused on scientific developments and production of digital tech- nology. It is among the most important goals of our university to raise in- dividuals who are socially and academically developed and to take place among the leading “Global Universities” in the world. The cultural heritage of 109 years of the Fenerbahçe Community and the synergy arising from the fact that Medicana Health Group is a leading and reliable brand of our country give us the power and motivation to achieve this goal. 5 faculties, 19 departments The academic year at Fenerbahçe University started with the follow- ing Faculties: • Sports Sciences, • Health Sciences, • Engineering and Architecture, • Communications, • Economics and Administrative Sciences. We are proud to be with our first students in 19 departments of these five faculties at our Istanbul Atasehir campus. Medical Faculty, next year We have completed our preparations to open the following depart- ments next year: • Medical Faculty • Faculty of Dentistry • Faculty of Pharmacy • Vocational School of Healthcare Services • Fenerbahçe Vocational Schools • Graduate Institutes and associated departments and programs. Two Strong Brands Feeling the gravity of education and the responsibility to guide the future of our students, we work hard to do our best to raise our stu- dents as good citizens. In the journey we have set off with two strong brands of our country, we do not hesitate to express our goal of be- ing ranked among the “Top 500 Universities of the World”. We will continue to exist in the field of higher education with our experience, motivation and power to raise a youth proud of themselves. Feeling the joy and excitement of welcoming our first students, I wish all a successful year. Prof. Dr. M. Emin Arat Rector of Fenerbahçe University 13