MBA SCHOOLS STUDENT SENATE: Senate elections are completed MBA Schools believe in the power and importance of democratic ed- ucation. The students are encouraged to participate in all the process- es at school and mechanisms are set up for this purpose. The students acquire the skills to manage their own lives with the good manners and experience gained in these processes. An inclusive and flexible organization Senate organization has been decided to be the most suitable mech- anism for active and mass participation of the students in these pro- cesses at MBA Schools. This is because senate is a more inclusive and flexible structure compared to an assembly. This is caused by the fact that an assembly is comprised of a president and class represent- atives, while the senate is comprised of one president, six vice presi- dents and commissions supervised by the vice presidents. This is how all the students can participate actively in the activities of the senate. A feast of democracy The campaigns for the Senate elections this year started on at all campuses on September 16 th , 2019, Monday. The campaign period was an absolute feast of democracy. The students developed interest- ing, colorful and joyful propaganda methods. Ballot boxes were set MBA Schools believe in democracy, participation and shared wisdom. Student Senate is one of the most important entities at schools that will realize these values. This year’s senate elections were a feast of democracy. Right after the elections the Senate initiated its activities in joy. at all the schools on 20 September 2019 Friday, and the new members started their assign- ments following the elections. The activities have been initiated The Senate initiated its activ- ities immediately after their election, and organized a visit to the shelters with- in the scope of October 4, World Animal Day. After the visit, the Student Senate of Beylikduzu has adopted a dog from the shelter. The dog that was named Karamel started living with the students as the new member of the campus. Moreover, a bake sale was organized to cater the needs of Karamel. The senates are preparing a project on growing medical aromatic plants for the upcoming days. 11